Keeping your face clean and moisturized is not a bad idea

The modern gentleman usually believes in taking care of himself, perhaps with some kind of balanced diet and a somewhat rigorous exercise routine. We think this correlates with our followers, so we asked our partner Filip to share his best tips on how to take care of yourself.

”Okay, I’m no health freak what so ever, but I’ve realized that when I plan what I’m going to eat I tend to stay away from fast food and candy. I’m also an avid runner, which is practically all the exercise I get, and it keeps my temper, focus and patience in balance. Although, nutrition and exercise is a personal matter – whatever comes easy for you, do it. Don’t be too ambitious when cleaning up your lifestyle, or you will fail. 

Regarding skincare, I have never had a strict routine but I’ve always had the philosophy that simply
keeping the skin clean and moisturized will work wonders. Summertime, nothing at all, but as soon as the darker fall arrives my skin tends to dry out and I need a moisturizer after shower. I have whatever good product they recommend at the airport, right now it’s Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel. I think different routines work differently, but keeping your face clean and moisturized is not a bad idea."