One of Sweden's 50 best dressed men

Filip Strömbäck has been chosen as one of Sweden’s 50 best dressed men by Café Magazine, Sweden’s largest fashion magazine for men.
When Filip helped Please the Swede with design development, we asked him to mediate seven essential tips for gentlemen. Have you missed them? Here is a friendly reminder:

1. Noone wants to see the pale skin between your socks and slacks.
2. If you are to buy one pair of formal shoes, buy black oxfords. And do not hesitate to wear them in an unformal way.
3. Feel free to wear an ordinary white shirt with double cuffs to black tie events.
4. Don’t wear a suit without a tie. But if you are, have two buttons open on the shirt.
5. Get one dinner jacket. Stay that size forever.
6. Gore-tex is brilliant for outdoorsy lifestyle. Not for city life.
7. Wear boxers. Always.