Not just men's underwear

Not just men's underwear

In order to continue delivering what we consider to be the very best boxershorts in our segment we have to get to know our clients and other interested parties in order to develop as a brand. Throughout our first years as proud producers of premium boxers and self-proclaimed world champions in handling customer feedback, we have been able to make a few conclusions regarding how our customers use their boxershorts.

1. Customers who previously would only have worn slim boxers have converted 
After buying their first pair of boxershorts we have noticed that many customers have then made a second purchase shortly thereafter, typically in a higher quantity.
We have received several messages from grateful customers saying that we helped them convert to boxers.

2. We do really have the softest fabric among boxershorts 
Our clients have reported back to us how Please the Swede have the most comfortable and soft fabric they have ever experienced in a pair of boxershorts. We are confident enough to say that, unless other boxers made out of the thinnest density combed cotton exists, we have the softest fabric on the market.

3. We have received several reactions from surprised women, stating that our boxershorts are "the best lounge- and sleepwear I have ever worn" 
Well, we are not surprised. Ever since our inception it has been obvious that our customers are struggling to keep their boxers to themselves as they tend to be stolen by their partners due to their unrivalled comfort.

4. Some customers wear their boxershorts to the beach and to the nearby store 
We naturally cannot endorse people wearing our boxers and nothing else in public, but we can, however, entirely understand those lads.

Receiving feedback like this is what drives Please the Swede. Thank you very much. 

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