About Please the Swede

Please the Swede is a premium men's underwear brand founded in 2017, exclusively focusing on boxershorts. The brand was founded to fill a gap in the underwear market; at the time there was no innovative brands for boxershorts that inspired men to wear elegant underwear. 

Since its inception our vision has been obvious – to offer men the incentive to dress in the most classic form of underwear. 

An airy fit is biologically proven to be the ”best” for male health and, as we like to point out, it brings out the best features of every body type. According to our research, it is also what Swedish women prefer men to wear. Reflecting upon the above, it should come as no surprise to anyone that elegant boxershorts, with a geniune Swedish design and a great fit, are appreciated by a diverse and highly discerning clientele ranging from executives at large corporations to self-made entrepreneurs to boys still at school. 

Our boxershorts are made out of 100% combed cotton and have a hand-crafted elastic inner waistband for optimal fit and comfort. Combed cotton is the softest version of cotton, created from specially treated cotton fibers before being spun into yarn. This fabric is ideal for clothing worn directly on the skin, such as our boxers, which is why we can say with reasonable certainty that we have the most comfortable fabric on the market.