We like to keep it simple
– you will always get a quantity discount

Why should we make the decision for you? Mix a pack of your favorite boxers and enjoy a quantity discount, automatically fixed at cart when buying three pairs or more. Buy three pairs and you will enjoy 10 percent discount and if you go for six or more the discount will be 20 percent.

  • Revival for classic boxers

    Influential people around the world rediscover classic wide boxershorts as elegant, classy, underwear in which you can chill with dignity. And we could't be more happy.

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  • The story behind boxer shorts

    It was a Levi’s jeans commercial in 1985 that helped boxers hit their peak, when English model and musician Nick Kamen stripped in white boxers in a 1950s style “Launderette”.

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  • Not just men's underwear

    We have been able to make a few conclusions regarding how our customers use their boxershorts. The first conclusion presented is what drives Please the Swede. 

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