Revival for classic boxershorts

Revival for classic boxershorts

You might or might not have seen them. The signs showing that the classic boxershorts are about to make a great comeback. 

However during the last couple of months a lot of international, influential, media has been swinging it´s swords for the wide boxers. Financial Times lifestyle magazine How to Spend It and Esquire are two of them. And we could not be more happy. Since the start of Please the Swede our mission has been to give men (and women) the chance to rediscover the classic wide boxershorts as elegant, classy, underwear in which you can chill with dignity.

We´ve been saying this for a long time and the feeling is good when people are joining in our choir praising this iconic garment.

Our boxershorts are made of the finest combed cotton and you can mix your own favorites in a pack and always get discount of ten percent or more when buying three pairs.

We are super happy to welcome more and more customers every day. Our saying "Designed in Sweden for an international crowd” has never been more true.


Paul Newman, 1966. Getty.

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